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At BOTTEGA9 , we provide a vast variety of beds to suit any home. From pure leather beds to wooden beds and designer headboards with integrated lights/Charging , we have something for everyone. We also offer bed storage box with motorized or mechanical lift ups, to help you maximize your bedroom space.


Our furniture store offers a wide variety of dining tables to suit every taste and style. From luxury to trendy, we offer marble or veneer tops with optional stone or brass inlay, Bases in  metal, wood or combination. Dining chairs in matching leather or fabric. Optional backs can be customized with Wicker , Solid wood. Shop today and find the perfect dining table for your home!


Our Lounge chairs are perfect for any space, from bedrooms to grand entryways. We offer a variety of material options, from modern and luxury printed fabrics to leather, with hints of wood and metal. Our chairs are supremely comfortable and make a statement in any room. Whether you're looking for a cozy spot to relax or a statement piece for your home, our Lounge chairs are the perfect addition.


These are the statement furniture pieces in the house that transcend function and give your spaces a lasting impression. We at Bottega9 Excel in fusing diverse materials, palettes and finishes to give statement pieces whether it's for a hallway, living areas, gallery or any special  corner in your home

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